WINTER BRUSCHETTA, a new vegan recipe


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January 2, 2017

In search of some comforting food during the cold months ?
Why not try our vegan recipe Winter Bruschetta

  • Prep: 40 mins
  • Cook: 10 mins
  • Yields: 1 personne
WINTER BRUSCHETTA, a new vegan recipe


Prepare the processed soy protein

1Soak the protein in boiling water together with the sock cube (5 minutes)

2Take them out and leave to dry

3Fry in hot oil, add salt and pepper

4Add a little bit of tomato sauce and paprika for colour

5Leave it to simmer until the sauce is almost disappeared

Prepare the potatoes

1Cut them in fine slices

2Spread them on a flat oven tray, add oil and put in oven until golden

Vegan Chorizo

1Slice finely

2Fry in oil until golden


1Dice finely

2Cook them in the oven until the cubes appear dry

Cheese sauce

1Mix the tofu, soy cream, salt, garlic, chive, and a large chunk of the vegan parmesan.

2Whisk vigorously until you obtain a smooth mixture

Bruschetta bread

1Cook it lightly in the oven or toaster until golden


1Spread the hummus on the bread

2Add the processed tofu

3Add the potato slices

4Add the chorizo slices

5Add some beetroot

6Top it all with cheese sauce

7Pop the bruschetta in the oven for a couple of minutes to finish it off and seal the deliciousness !


Bruschetta bread


Processed soy protein

1 vegan chorizo

Tomato sauce


One vegetable stock cube

1 potato

1 beetrooot

1 Tofu (200 gr)

Soy cream ( 20 cl)

One piece of Vegan Parmesan (see marie laforet recipe)

1 clove of garlic


Salt and pepper


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