Chickpea, spinach and almond balls

'Another recipe for chickpea balls ?!'
I hear you say, vegan friends. Well, yes, but this one has spinach and almonds, and it makes all the difference ! ;-)

By Dans la cuisine de Gin

Ratatouille – traditional french recipe

La Ratatouille is a tranditional french dish which is prepared by a simmering de mediteranee vegetables with a little 'of olive oil. Ideal like a side dish, it can be used like à starter too.

facebook-profile-pictureBy Toto Aragon

Beetroot burger – Vegan Hamburger

People think Vegans only eat grass, seeds and stones - this video will show you how wrong this idea is ! And how delightful a cruel-free hamburger can be.

By Katia Lansdowne

Purple shepherd’s pie

A recipe for a beautiful-looking dish, unusual and vegan, with purple spuds (of the Vitelotte kind) sprinkled with corn flower petals and pink berries. As for the garnish: quinori and tofu.
You could have this dish as a starter if serving in small ramekins, or as a main when prepared in a large oven dish.

facebook-profile-pictureBy Fitmiam

[Available SOON] TIRAMISU VEGAN cru et sans gluten

Un petit weekend en Italie sans sortir de chez soi ?
Dégustez ce Tiramisu vegan accompagné d'un café restretto ! ;)

By Katia Lansdowne

CHOCOLATE MOUSSES with chopped hazelnuts, vegan desserts

Chocolate mousse with chopped hazelnuts

This is a simple, yet effective dish for afters: individual vegan chocolate mousses, under their very own chopped hazelnut layer.

By Julia Ferreri