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Vegan black cherry cake, Vegan Recipes & Places

Vegan black cherry cake

A vegan cake for special occasions ! Tasty and easy to make, full of natural ingredients, but no eggs of butter.
I recommend organic almond milk for the cream. It is thicker than soy or rice milk and will produce a richer consistency to taste.
It contains more natural fat, which thickens the cream and making it smoother, without too many thickening agents.
Agar or agar-agar is a jelly-like substance which helps make beautiful cakes that hold, and substitutes all animal thickening agents.
This cake requires very little preparation.

facebook-profile-pictureBy Maria Elisa Rossi

Simplest vegan pancakes EVER !

Prepare large vegan pancakes, easily, and quickly. Ready, steady, cook !
For quality time with the family over a nice meal ...


[Available SOON] TIRAMISU VEGAN cru et sans gluten

Un petit weekend en Italie sans sortir de chez soi ?
Dégustez ce Tiramisu vegan accompagné d'un café restretto ! ;)

By Katia Lansdowne

CHOCOLATE MOUSSES with chopped hazelnuts, vegan desserts

Chocolate mousse with chopped hazelnuts

This is a simple, yet effective dish for afters: individual vegan chocolate mousses, under their very own chopped hazelnut layer.

By Julia Ferreri

Raw halwa

This nougat is called Halwa and is one of those delicacies that are prepared in the blink of an eye.