Cooking Method: spicy

Purple shepherd’s pie

A recipe for a beautiful-looking dish, unusual and vegan, with purple spuds (of the Vitelotte kind) sprinkled with corn flower petals and pink berries. As for the garnish: quinori and tofu.
You could have this dish as a starter if serving in small ramekins, or as a main when prepared in a large oven dish.

facebook-profile-pictureBy Fitmiam

Black eyed peas curry.... Yummy and healthy

Black eyed peas curry…. Yummy and healthy

Black Eyed Beans is also known as lobia or chawalie. This is a basic recipe, easy and nutritious. To make it more filling you can also add 1 potato(chopped) while boiling the black eyed peas and serve it with Rotis or Steamed rice for a healthy and complete lunch or dinner.

By kruti rastogi

Chickpea curry

A scrumptious vegan dish, with flavours from India !

Enjoy !

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CHILI SIN CARNE, a simple vegan recipe for all the family

Express Chili sin carne

Express Chili sin carne ... Prepared in no time, eaten slowly for maximum delight !

By Azalée en Cuisine

Chestnut and pumpkin wheat protein roast

wheat protein roast is a real solution for yours menu vegan !

By Azalée en Cuisine

[Soon English] Chappati + Sabji

Une recette végétalienne indienne qui éveillera tous vos sens !!!

By Katia Lansdowne

Carrot and ginger juice

A delicious carrot and ginger juice that will satisfy your hunger without providing calories: only nutrients!

facebook-profile-pictureBy PB