Cooking Method: salty-sweet

Simplest vegan pancakes EVER !

Prepare large vegan pancakes, easily, and quickly. Ready, steady, cook !
For quality time with the family over a nice meal ...


Sautées and caramelized Baby Potatoes

Sautées and caramelized Baby Potatoes…

To cook and delicious in taste.

There is a strange and magical quality of potatoes; you will rarely find anyone who dislikes them or refuses to eat them.

They are in almost every major continental diet in some form, and they can be prepared in dozens of ways, including baked, fried, sliced, mashed, and many more. My daughter who is extremly fussy about eating vegetables, thankfully loves to eat potatoes and I think it’s a case with almost every child, because even we as adults would never mind to have potatoes as French fries or as a veggie at any point of time in some form or the other.

Potaoes are the easiest to cook and goes well with almost any dish in the form of main Ingrediant, starter or even as salads.

Sautéed and caramelized Baby Potatoes can be served as a main dish with simple dal and rice for lunch or dinner or simply as a starter.

By kruti rastogi

Smoked Tofu kebabs in their Autumn glaze

A dish that will appeal to all our keen travelers !

By LA CAR A VAN Foodtruck

[Available soon] Empanadas vegan de butternut et maïs

une recette en variante vegan de la tipique "empanada de humita" que l'on peut manger en Amèrique du sud. Le lait de coco et le gingembre ajoutent une note surprenante à cette recette classique.

By Katia Lansdowne