Cuisine: 4. Europe

Chickpea, spinach and almond balls

'Another recipe for chickpea balls ?!'
I hear you say, vegan friends. Well, yes, but this one has spinach and almonds, and it makes all the difference ! ;-)

By Dans la cuisine de Gin

Ratatouille – traditional french recipe

La Ratatouille is a tranditional french dish which is prepared by a simmering de mediteranee vegetables with a little 'of olive oil. Ideal like a side dish, it can be used like à starter too.

facebook-profile-pictureBy Toto Aragon

Vegan black cherry cake, Vegan Recipes & Places

Vegan black cherry cake

A vegan cake for special occasions ! Tasty and easy to make, full of natural ingredients, but no eggs of butter.
I recommend organic almond milk for the cream. It is thicker than soy or rice milk and will produce a richer consistency to taste.
It contains more natural fat, which thickens the cream and making it smoother, without too many thickening agents.
Agar or agar-agar is a jelly-like substance which helps make beautiful cakes that hold, and substitutes all animal thickening agents.
This cake requires very little preparation.

facebook-profile-pictureBy Maria Elisa Rossi

Simplest vegan pancakes EVER !

Prepare large vegan pancakes, easily, and quickly. Ready, steady, cook !
For quality time with the family over a nice meal ...


Vegan Choco Suisse (egg and dairy free)

I miss 'Choco Suisse' so much since becoming Vegan that I thought 'how about I make my own vegan version ?? Can't be that difficult !'
And God created the Vegan Choco Suisse... Well, I created it actually ! :-D
And it is 'to-die-for'!! Check it out, try it out, and taste it !!!

By Katia Lansdowne

Shortcrust pastry baskets with their spinach and cream filling

Would you like to know how to make your own vegan shortcrust pastry ? It's very simple. All instructions are in the below recipe and you will obtain an ideally-textured pastry to make those stuffed baskets and other pies. This pastry is very quick to make and has no butter - really amazing !

facebook-profile-pictureBy Maria Elisa Rossi

Vegan stuffed courgettes

Round courgettes are the perfect variety if you want to try your hand at stuffed vegetables. Together with potatoes and tomatoes, they make this dish healthy and also appealing to children.
Instead of meat-based stuffing, I used ready-made soy proteins.

By Angelique Guehl

Purple shepherd’s pie

A recipe for a beautiful-looking dish, unusual and vegan, with purple spuds (of the Vitelotte kind) sprinkled with corn flower petals and pink berries. As for the garnish: quinori and tofu.
You could have this dish as a starter if serving in small ramekins, or as a main when prepared in a large oven dish.

facebook-profile-pictureBy Fitmiam

[Available SOON] TIRAMISU VEGAN cru et sans gluten

Un petit weekend en Italie sans sortir de chez soi ?
Dégustez ce Tiramisu vegan accompagné d'un café restretto ! ;)

By Katia Lansdowne

Lentil-based shepherd’s pie, with wholegrain mustard

A satisfying dish, ideal on a grey day :-)

By Katia Lansdowne

Chickpea curry

A scrumptious vegan dish, with flavours from India !

Enjoy !

facebook-profile-pictureBy Un citron dans la cuisine

WINTER BRUSCHETTA, a new vegan recipe


In search of some comforting food during the cold months ?
Why not try our vegan recipe Winter Bruschetta

By LA CAR A VAN Foodtruck

CHOCOLATE MOUSSES with chopped hazelnuts, vegan desserts

Chocolate mousse with chopped hazelnuts

This is a simple, yet effective dish for afters: individual vegan chocolate mousses, under their very own chopped hazelnut layer.

By Julia Ferreri

Chestnut and pumpkin wheat protein roast

wheat protein roast is a real solution for yours menu vegan !

By Azalée en Cuisine

Vegan tart with butternut and curry

This vegan tart recipe is easy and delicious! Accompany it with a salad or cut into small pieces for a drink with friends


Baked Tofu Sandwich

This tofu bacon is smoky, crispy and makes an exceptional BLT! Use this recipe to make a vegan version of the classic sandwich.

facebook-profile-pictureBy PB

Baked vegetables

An easy and tasty side dish. It can be served either hot or warm, accompanied by the second favorite


Bruschetta with mushrooms

Can be used as tasty starter or, cut into small pieces, as appetizer


Scrambled tofu

Remember to use a variety of firm tofu and wring at least 15 minutes before cooking. For a more tasty dish, sauté your favorite vegetables, such as peppers or asparagus. Spices are also adaptable to every palate, and you can give a touch of spice if you like.

By Blue Empathy